Being a business owner
doesn’t mean you have to

It’s okay to get support with the bookkeeping

You’re not a business person who started a painting company.
You’re a painter who monetized your skill and built a business out of it.

That’s the best way to be! You’re doing the thing you love to do.

Let us support you by doing the thing we love to do.

You’ll move faster (and have more fun along the way)
when you delegate to fill your knowledge gap.

Spend your time on the work you love, not trying to figure out where your money is going.
Be in a better position to hire. Know how much cash you’ll have for the foreseeable future.
Keep track of cash, so you’re not at risk of overspending on overhead.
Be confident your money will cover you through the seasonal trends.

We’ll help you get
online so manual tasks
don’t hold you back

Free yourself from the books –
hire the Bright Team instead

See where you are with a Bright Review
We’ll review your file and see where improvements can be made. This includes a 60min phone call to walk through our discoveries. After your review, you can decide whether you’d like to fix things yourself or get support from us.
Unravel the mess with a Cleanup
You need accurate and up to date books to progress. We can help you fix any issues and get updated. Your tax accountant will thank you!
Delegate your bookkeeping on a Monthly basis
Free yourself or your family from doing your books, period. You have options based on how much you’d like us involved.

  • Review Only
    If you want to do DIY bookkeeping, we can review your books quarterly to make sure everything’s on track.
  • Reconcile and Review
    You do the day-to-day entry and we’ll reconcile your accounts at the end of each month.
  • Full Service Accounting
    We handle all your monthly bookkeeping (except payroll hours and invoicing), taking the responsibility completely.



“Personal, systematic and
organized approach.”

“Thanks to Bright Bookkeeping for a smooth transition from QuickBook Desktop to QuickBooks Online. This was a huge adjustment, but Bright overlayed the transition with a personal, systematic and organized approach. It’s really good to work with professionals who do bookkeeping best, so we can concentrate on what we do best.”

-Dustin Wilson, Flying Colors Painting Co.

Start letting go of some stress by
finding out where your books stand