We are here to remind you

Get more joy from your work by delegating the parts
of your business that aren’t fun for you

Fun isn’t exclusive to your down time.

We set up our business so we’re always enjoying ourselves, in every area of our lives. We work hard, but we work the way we want to, to feel most fulfilled. We’re here to help you do the same.

The work we love doing? Cleaning up your books.

Let’s each take the work we enjoy.

The kind of people we vibe with

Though we do work with owners in all types of businesses, we have a special place in our hearts for painters. Above all, we work with people who share these values:


Work-hard, play-harder:

Work hard enough that you can do the things you want without being overly stressed about all the work you “have to get done.”

Live in the moment:

You never know how long you have, so don’t wait to do what you love. Experiences are what make your life full.

Be kind:

There’s no need for rudeness.
Being kind is being human.

Follow the Rules:

Integrity is at the heart of our work and life. We do as we say without exception. We won’t bend the rules so don’t ask.

Meet Team Bright

Cindy is the Founder of Bright Bookkeeping and one half of the passionate Bright duo. Most people who know Cindy will know she’d probably be a Disney guide if she didn’t love her clients so much. With a hand in all things at Bright Bookkeeping, her role is to make sure every aspect of the business runs smoothly and the clients have an amazing experience. That being said, she has a weak spot for a complex file, and would happily spend her time getting lost in the tidy up. When she’s not behind the work desk, you’ll find her somewhere at Disney in her mouse ears. Cindy has earned and maintained the QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor designation every year since 2007 and is Advanced Certified in QuickBooks.  She is an alumni member of the Intuit Accountants Council program and a member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network.

Cindy in her own words:

“I am proud to have helped make a dream life for our family by working hard and being persistent. Now I get to have sunshine 365 days a year and watch Disney fireworks from my backyard. It doesn’t get better than that. I am passionate about helping others see the same magic inside of them – sometimes you just need someone to remind you”

Pete is the co-owner of Bright Bookkeeping and the second half of the passionate Bright duo. The yang to Cindy’s yin, Pete is the technician brains behind the operation. He’s all about the nuts and bolts of bookkeeping, documenting and standardizing processes. Although bringing order to chaos is what Pete loves most about accounting, it’s the work/fun balance that called him to commit to Bright full time back in 2017. When he’s not busy with the work part, he’s mostly golfing (or thinking about where to go golfing). Pete brings 20 years of accounting management experience to Bright Bookkeeping. While working as a corporate controller, he found his niche. He truly enjoys the task of pulling together a company’s diverse financial data into clear, succinct reports that allow him to help the management team make sound financial decisions.

Pete is his own words:

“We do our best work when we are having fun and we’re working with other people who share the same attitude. At this point in my career I’m finally discovering working with people can be almost as fun as working with numbers. I’m basically an accounting nerd caterpillar becoming an entrepreneur butterfly”.

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