You don’t have to DIY

You got into business because you have a passion.
And your passion isn’t bookkeeping.

This isn’t just a passion anymore. Your business has grown
and has the potential for bigger things.

You’re used to having a hand in every part of the business, but you’re running out of time for the things you enjoy, and stresses are building.
Something’s gotta give.

Your tax accountant says your books need sorting out
Your family doesn’t want to do the bookkeeping for you anymore
You need more time to work ON your business instead of IN your business
You started with a passion, but owner responsibilities are stealing the fun

We help small businesses keep track of their books
and grow the type of business they want so they can be more successful.

Trust us to do as good
a job as you would

We take care of your books as if they were our own. You’re interested in what your books are telling you about your business, and we’re all for that! But you don’t have to do the numbers work yourself.

  • Free yourself from the accounting headache.
  • Free your family from doing the books.
  • Free up time for the things you love.

Free business owners have more fun.

We’ll take on the bookkeeping tasks that aren’t fun for you

When your books are clean and up to date, you’re less stressed and more capable of growth. With bookkeeping support you’re able to work hard on the parts of your business you enjoy, confident you’re always in control of the money side of things.

Begin to let go with our three step process.

Step 1

See where you are with a Bright Review

Step 2

Unveil the “magic” to clean up your financials

Step 3

Let us take care of your monthly bookkeeping

“Professional, precise and prompt”

“I went through four bookkeepers before I found Bright. After my first meeting with them, I signed up and could tell right away things were different. They are professional, precise and prompt. I’ve never worked with a better company. I knew right away this was a different league and man was it. Here’s the best part- I saved so much money on my taxes because of Bright, I can’t believe I ever hesitated.”

-Ron Rice, Ron Rice Painting and Consulting

Start letting go of some stress by
getting your books straight.